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What is the perfect diet?

There is no such thing as the "perfect" diet, however this is a pretty good starting point. This is more like a health maintenance program that you should follow for life. I would do it initially for weight loss (with longer and more frequent fasting periods) and then adjust as on-going maintenance (shorter fasting/time-restricted eating) [...]

Is detoxing worth it?

Detoxing or cleansing - is it worth it? No. You’re already detoxing as we speak - through your skin, liver, digestive system, lungs and kidneys.  Your body is really good at doing its job (most of the time). Most detoxes involve cutting out caffeine, alcohol, sugar, refined foods, sometimes also dairy and gluten and [...]

How to not get ill

With the weather getting colder, colds and flu are becoming more common. Here are some natural herbs and supplements that can boost your immune system and speed up recovery: Feel a niggle? Elderberry extract contains antiviral properties that can reduce the duration and severity of a cold if you start taking it as soon [...]

Is going to bed late bad for my health?

If you’re working late at night or super early in the morning, your circadian rhythm will be skewed. We convert serotonin (happy hormone) to melatonin (sleep hormone) when it starts to get dark and this makes us sleepier as the evening progresses until we finally succumb and (ideally) go the bed. As dawn approaches [...]

Boost your energy levels naturally

Are you fed up of feeling tired all the time? The stresses and pressures of modern life have left many of us feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and with little time or energy to take care of ourselves. Now our bodies are beginning to pay the price. Sure, that chocolate bar or cold brew might make [...]

How to stop emotional eating

When does emotional or binge eating occur? Unhappy with life/job/partner Depressed Time of the month Reward for hard work or exercise Punishment because you’re feeling low and want to make yourself feel worse When drunk - lack of self-control or don’t remember doing it Failed at a diet - you eat all the foods [...]

Are unrefined sugars better for you?

What are natural, unrefined sugars? Natural sugars, unrefined sugars are those that haven’t been heavily processed and therefore retain some of their nutrients, such as phosphorus, calcium, iron and magnesium. Don’t be fooled as you’d have to eat a low of these sugars to benefit from these nutrients, which would cancel out any benefits [...]

Why diets don’t work

Are you one of those people that tries every diet going? Have you had success with some but stopped once weight loss slowed, only to put the weight back on? Common reasons why diets are hard to stick to are: Inconvenience Cost Fit around social life Time - meal prep, cooking different meals for [...]

How to control hunger

When you eat less, for example if you're trying to lose weight, a common side-effect is hunger. This is because your body has its programmed set-point and burns energy accordingly. Everyone's set-point is different but it can change as a result of dieting. If you're denying what your body wants, it releases more of [...]